Ms. Winkelmann's (now Mrs. Dollar's!!!) 6th Grade Math and Science Class


*** Friday, March 31st: Students will take a quiz over our Geometry unit: students should begin studying for the quiz using their Math ISN. The quiz will cover the following:

  • Triangle Properties
  • Area of rectangle, square, parallelogram, triangle, and trapazoid
  • Volume of rectangular prism

***Math Benchmark - Tuesday April 4th

Our math benchmark is coming up soon! We are still learning new objectives, so in order to fit in review, we are assigning review practice problems for homework every night! It is so important that students do not just circle answers and say "I am done!" They must complete the questions, showing math work or strategies and put the same effort in the questions as they would on a test! Please encourage effort for homework!

***Science CA #6 - Friday, April 7th: Students will be tested over the following:

  • Types of Rock & Rock Cycle: Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Igneous
  • Identifying Minerals - Luster, Color, Moh's hardness scale, Streak Test
*** Prodigy Info!

We have started a new and exciting math game called, Prodigy, in our classroom! This game brings 6th grade math objectives into a fun and interactive computer game! Students complete math problems for "coins" and they are ranked by the number of questions they get correctly. Students not only will receive class time to play, but they are encouraged to play at home as well! Remember, the more they play, the more points they receive! I will be sending home a instructional letter of how you as a parent can get connected to your child's Prodigy account and be able to monitor their progress! This is perfect for reviewing our 6th grade objectives and I encourage you to try it at home!

***Mustang Stampede Spring Festival - Friday, April 21st from 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Mrs. Spreen and I's homerooms will be coming together to donate a themed basket for the silent auction this year. The theme is a Weekend at Galveston Beach! We want to fill up our silent auction class basket with items such as:

  • Gift cards to places and restaurants in Galveston (Landry's Rainforest Cafe, Fisherman's, Wharf, Fish Tales, Guidos, or any seafood restaurants of your choice)
  • Beach items (towels, floats, beach blankets, picnic basket, umbrella, sand buckets, etc.)
  • Nautical themed items
  • Money to help with the cost of the basket or to help donate passes to Pleasure Pier, Moody Gardens. or Schlitterbahn!
The money raised from the silent auction will go into a school activity fund. It is used to provide activities and programs for all students and staff school wide!!! If you would like to contribute, please send any of the items above to me by
Thursday, April 6th!

Ms. Winkelmann's Wish List: I would love to be able to provide Germ-X and Clorox wipes in my classroom at all times in efforts to keep the germs away and all students healthy! If you are willing to help out, please send these items and we will put them to great use in the classroom! Thank you! :)
Important Dates:

March 31 - Geometry Unit Quiz

April 4th - 6th Grade Math Benchmark

April 6th - Items for classroom packet are due!

April 7th - Science CA #6

April 14th - School Holiday

April 21st - Mustang Stampede Spring Festival

Contact Information:

Telephone: 936-709-4200

Conference Time: 8:05 - 9:05am


Math: 4 nights a week (Monday-Thursday) - Completion grade given

Math Benchmark Review Questions each night!

Classroom Agenda:


  • Daily Math Review: Reviewing for benchmark
  • Objective: Data and Measurements
In math, we are starting a new unit on data and measurement! Students will learn how to analyze data by finding the mean, median, mode, and range! We will be also creating and analyzing graphs such as the stem and leaf graph, dot plot, histogram, and the box and whisker. Encourage your child at home to use the vocabulary below:

  • mean (average)
  • median
  • mode
  • range
  • maximum/minimum
  • stem and leaf plot
  • frequency
  • dot plot
  • measures of spread
  • distribution
  • cluster
  • stray
  • skew
  • histogram
  • outlier
  • statistics
  • gap
  • box and whiskers - box plot
  • interquartile range (IQR)
For extra math explanation/examples/practice problems,
please visit Khan's Academy by clicking on the link below:

***Scroll down to data and statistics for helpful links during this unit!  


Online Math Digits Book

Website Link:Pearson

Username: Student email without "@conroeisd.net"

Password: stu*****
* = last 5 digits of social security #

Online Science Book

Username: Student email without "@conroeisd.net"

Password: stu*****
* = last 5 digits of social security #

Think Through Math

Username: con"student email username withouth the @conroeisd.net"

Password: stu*****
* = last 5 digits of social security #


Username: Students should have it written down in math ISN, planner, or homework folder

Password: stu*****
* = last 5 digits of social security #

Math Practice Websites

Fact Fluency

Virtual models of algebra tiles

Find the missing angle

Prime Factorization And GCF

Interactive Geoboard for shapes

Circles Website

Financial Literacy


Triangles and their properties

Tutorial Link for Volume and Area

Division Games

Multiplication Games

Stem and Leaf Plots

Fraction Games

Mean, Median Mode and Range

Algebra Tile Powerpoint

Least Common Multiple

Dividing Decimals by Decimals

Mean Median Mode and Range

Box and Whisker Plots

Order of Operations    

Thinking Blocks

Online Graph Paper




Decimal division

Ratios, percent, proportion and probability

Main Page of Houghton Mifflin Math

Virtual probability in gum ball machine

Coordinate Plane Ordered Pairs


Virtual protractor to measure angles, Guess the angle, Quadrilaterals missing angles


Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

Science Practice Websites

Conduction, Convection, Radiation

Periodic Table Interactive site

Virtual Lab

Force and Motions

Roller Coaster Link: Kinetic and Potential Energy


Transfer of Energy

Brain POP:

Spider Story


Food Web Activity

Research Project:
Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Resources websites:

Rock Cycle:

Tectonic Plates:

Minerals and Tectonic Plates

Science Organism Game

Science Quizes:

Compounds and Elements

Energy Resources:

Celestial Webquest:

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